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Yellow Corn


Yellow Corn

Yellow corn is a variety of sweet corn. Freshly harvested yellow corn at its peak ripeness is sweet. As the corn matures, it becomes starchy and doughy in consistency. At this point, the corn is considered a grain crop and is best suited for processing or feedstock.

  • Corn, scientific name Zea Mays is a member of the grass family Gramineae. It is technically classified as a grain crop, though when harvested young it is treated as a vegetable. Its stalks produce a cob of seeds, which are better known as the kernels.     
  • Yellow corn is a significant resource of Vitamin A, produced from beta carotene. It is widely used in culinary, baked goods, natural sweeteners and foodstalk.

High Fiber

The fiber in corn helps you stay full for longer between meals and clears your gut.

Good For Eye

Yellow corn is a good source of the carotenoids and zeaxanthin, which are good for eye health.

Prevents Bad Colon

Yellow Corn feeds healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, which helps protect against colon cancer.

International Standard Specifications Accepted

Human or Animal consumption


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  • Moisture: 14 % Max.
  • Foreign matters: 1.5 % Max.
  • Damaged Grains: 5 % Max.
  • Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5 % Max.
  • Total Damaged Kernels: 3 % Max.
  • Toxic Grains: 2-3 (Seeds In 100) Max.
  • Protein: 9 % Max.
  • FAT: 3 % Max.
  • Fiber: 2.7% Max.

  • Admixture: 1 % Max.
  • Total ASH: 1.5 % Max.
  • Discoloration: 1.0 % Max.
  • Impurities: 14 % Max.
  • Total Aflatoxin: 20 PPB Max.
  • T.V.N: 50 Max.
    E. Coli, Salmonella, Insect: Nil.
  • Mould: 105 Max.
  • Radiation: NONE.
  • Crop Year: RECENT:
  • Deoxynivalenol (VOMITOXIN): 5.0 PPM Max.

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