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White Maize


White Maize

White Maize, also known as White Corn, is a type of grain that is grown throughout the world. It can also sustain in many climates due to its versatile nature

    • It can be ground into cornmeal and light-colored flour. The cornmeal that is produced by grinding down white maize is a staple in many dishes from a variety of countries.

    • In cooking, white maize is often turned into fine flour. It can be used to make a type of flat bread called a tortilla. Corn flour also is used to make corn chips.

Improves Digestion

White sweet corn is enriched with Niacin which improves the health of your skin, nerves and digestive system.

Abundant Essential Nutrients

An ear of white sweet corn supplies doses of iron, magnesium and folate as well.

Full of Fibre

White corn contains a lot of fiber, which can help regulate bowel movement and reduce digestive issues.

International Standard Specifications Accepted


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  • Moisture: 13 % Max.

  • Protein: 9 % Min.

  • Purity: 98.5 % Min.

  • Broken: 2 % Max.

  • Damage: 4 % Max.

  • Covered Grain: 2 % Max.

  • Ash: 1.57 % Max.

  • Fat: 5 % Max.

  • Aflatoxin: 20 Ppb Max.

  • Contaminants Residue: Nil.
  • Mercury: Free Certified.
  • Radiation: Free Certified.
  • Crop: Current.
  • Colour: White.
  • Style: Fresh.
  • Type: Corn;
  • Length (Cm): 5.3.
  • Free from Agro diseases and harmful mankind chemicals.
  • Free from any lives insect’s pests and harmful deal insects.
  • Free from harmful material and dioxins.
  • Free from fermentation, not lumpy or rotten.

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