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Di-Ammonium Phosphate

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is the world's most widely used phosphorus fertilizer because it contains both Nitrogen and Phosphorus which are primary macro-nutrients and part of 18 essential plant nutrients.

    • DAP has alkaline pH (7.5-8) that develops around the dissolving granule and it has odor of ammonia.

    • Phosphate is also required for the human body, 800mg/day is a basic requirement and it is present in solid form in the rocks in soil.

Plant Nutrient

DAP fertilizer is an excellent source of Phosphorus and Nitrogen for plant nutrition.

Healthy Crop

DAP is highly soluble and dissolves quickly in soil to release Phosphate and Ammonium.

Bone health

Phosphate is used as a building block for cellular energy and formation of bone and teeth.

International Standard Specifications Accepted

Test Procedure: Manual

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Di-Ammonium Phosphate:

  • Nitrogen(wt %): 1.0 min.
  • P205(wt %): 0.0 min.
  • Moisture(wt %): 5.0 max.
  • Particle Size(1-4mm %): 85.0 min.
  • Density(kg/m3): 960.0 min.


  • Protect containers from any physical damage.
  • Store in cool, dry, clean and well ventilated roofed compartments with moisture-proof foundation and closed containers.
  • Can be applied for all field crops, grassland and orchards.
  • May cause irritation of skin, mucous membranes and to eyes.
  • Optimal storage temperature is 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

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