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Arkan Group is one of the leading exporters of Sulphur which are used in making Sulphuric acid.  The product is manufactured with high-quality raw material ensuring optimum quality of the granular.

  • Sulfur-based chemicals include rubber vulcanization, bleaching paper, and product making such as cement, detergents, gunpowder, detergents, plastic, and explosives.

  • Sulphur is also used for making car batteries, fertilizers, oil refining, water processing, and mineral extraction.

Brittle Solid

Pure sulfur is a tasteless, odorless, brittle solid that is pale yellow in color.

Bleaching Agent

Sulfites are used to bleach paper and as preservatives for many foodstuffs.

Prevents Gas Hazards

Mercaptans are added to natural gas supplies for their distinctive smell to detect gas leaks.

International Standard Specifications Accepted

Color : Bright yellow sulphur
Grade : Turkaminstan  and Middle East – Iran


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Refinery Sulphur Specifications:


  • Purity: 99. 98%.
  • Ash Content: 0. 02 % max.
  • Acid as in h2so4: 0. 0015 max.
  • Organic Substance: 0. 01 max.
  • Hydrocarbon: 0. 09 % max.
  • Moisture: 0. 5 % max.

Granular Sulphur

  • Physical Form: Granular.
  • Appearance: Bright Yellow.
  • Purity on Dry Basis, wt%: 99.80% Min.
  • Ash Content, wt%: 0.05% Max.
  • Acidity, wt%: 0.02% Max.
  • Moisture, wt%: 0.5% Max.
  • Hydrocarbons, wt%: 0.05% Max.
  • Organic Solid Matter, wt%: 0.01% Max.

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