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Agricultural products including grains and metals of all grades and qualities are available. Given the requirement of client/customer/buyer both GMO and Non-GMO products are supplied by our reputed sources. These are acquired directly from trusted sources and suppliers who have reliability in maintaining Quality and Quantity throughout the validity of long-term contracts. Major commodities that we trade in are:

Non-Ferrous Metal Trading

We also trade in Non-Ferrous Metals such as Aluminum, Copper, or Zinc essentials for Mechanical Engineering , Transport, Aerospace, Construction, Packaging, Electricity, and Energy, Electronics, and Medical Devices.

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Guidelines For Ensuring Compliance With Trade Agreements

Global Sourcing

A widely variety of trusted sources is partnered after a careful screening process. All suppliers are promptly visited, stocks keenly verified, and quality is strictly tested of their stock.

Inspection Agents

As part of shipping norms and requirements, all cargo is certified and tested as a port of shipment. These inspections are countersigned prior to loading on vessel.


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