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Gas Condensates


Gas Condensates

Gas condensate is a hydrocarbon liquid stream separated from natural gas and consists of higher-molecular-weight hydrocarbons that exist in the reservoir as constituents of natural gas.

  • Gas condensate condenses out of the raw natural gas if the temperature is reduced to below the hydrocarbon dew point temperature of the raw gas.

  • The composition of the gas condensate liquids is dependent upon the type of natural gas and the composition of the natural gas.

Manufacture of Ethylene

Condensates with a high paraffin content are used for the manufacture of ethylene.

Used as Refinery Feedstocks

They are used for the manufacture of products such as petrol, jet fuel and heating fuels.

Helps Recover Treatment Chemical

Condensates helps recover treatment chemical in the form of volatile amines.

International Standard Specifications Accepted

Test Procedure: Manual

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Gas Condensates:

  • Density(15 D.C): 0.7365.
  • Sp.Gravity(15.65 D.C): 0.7367.
  • Sulphur Content(% wt): 0.202.
  • Nitrogen Content(mg/kg): 6.2.
  • Water Content(% vol): <0.025.
  • Salt Content(PTB): <1.
  • Wax Content(% wt): <5.
  • Iron Content(mg/kg): <2.
  • Lead Content(mg/kg): <1.

Specs & Storage

  • Total Acid Number(mg/KOH/g): <0.05.
  • H2S Content(ppm): <1.
  • Water and Sediment(% vol): <0.025.
  • Nickel Content(mg/kg): <1.
  • Vannadium Content(mg/kg): <1.
  • Keep container tightly closed. 
  • Keep cool. Disposal. 
  • Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local and national regulations.

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