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Arkan Shipping

Arkan Group Shipping arm is engaged in the ownership and operation of crude, product, and chemical tankers around the world.

Through an international network of subsidiaries and associated partners, the Group currently owns and operates a fleet of 14 vessels. Our dedicated and experienced team is committed to the very best operating practices and the highest levels of customer service and operational efficiency. The Company stands on a solid financial foundation ready to support the business and provide for agile opportunity seeking and well-timed growth.

Our fleet provides support shipping services to customers through voyage charters, commercial pools and time charters. It works closely with all stakeholders to understand their needs and strives to exceed their expectations. The Group enjoys close long-term working relationships with its key commercial and technical management partners and views the continued development of these relationships as crucial to its continued success.

 We believe that its seafarers are as crucial to its success as the team ashore that supports them. Through its technical and commercial management partners and it’s own in-house expertise, we have the global network in place to support its seafarers and deliver shipping services safely and effectively to its customers.

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Only 2% of seafarers are females!